Sick of “We’re Here For You?” – Stay In Touch With Your Audience

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Most of us have been experiencing the same shelter-in-place orders across the country where they have them. As we watch the news or try and escape through TV Shows and radio, company’s big and small, have been telling us “We’re Here For You.”

When this all started, that was a comforting message. As consumers, it was nice to know that companies were responding responsibly to the Covid-19 crisis. Making us feel safer to continue to patronize their stores and strengthening the way we perceive their brand.

By now though, we have received an email from every company, more or less saying the same standards are there. We have seen 5 commercials in a row (to those watching live TV) with the same music, same soft and comforting voice over, and overall the same tone. Because of this, the message is losing its authenticity and therefore losing the attention and effectiveness with the audience. Us!

As someone who has created many of these commercials, social media posts, radio spots and more, I recognize it just as much. It’s time to change it up if a company or brand wants to stick out.

Some one even made a YouTube video blending them altogether. (Standing ovation)

There’s not one solution to this either. Many of us could use a laugh. How about trying out “At home videos” similar to “Funniest Home Videos”. That’s showing “We’re all in this together” and helping us relate, without just calmly telling us the exact same thing.

If it doesn’t fit the brand to go the humor route, there’s always the motivational “Rocky-eqsue” come back message. “Down but not out”. “This is only temporary.” The light at the end of the tunnel may not be as close as we want it, but there’s something to be said about how consumers can be made to feel to make the most of the time they are given.

Imagine the response from consumers that were motivated to be at their best, to get stronger, release stress, let go of bad habits all because of the message your brand put out into the world at the right time. That company would not only be doing something beneficial, they would surely see an increase in sales, subscriptions or whatever their goal may be in advertising.

The point is… Stay in Touch with your Audience! It’s easy to fall into and stay in the cookie-cutter models. A good marketing company will NOT let you do this. Will even fight you at the risk of losing you as a client because they know what is right for you.

This makes the difference of a marketing company being just a “middle-man” between you and the consumer, or being a partner in the goals you have agreed to achieve. This is a truly effective measurement of the trust you have with your “marketing people”. Not all deserve that trust. But listen to the ones who do and they will at the very least keep you afloat during trying times like this. And at the very best, company’s will come out on top even higher than before.

As marketers “We’re Here For YOU”. Let us help you sell a message to your customers that succeeds. Timing is everything.

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